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About Little Star

Being a professional tennis star is impressive, but translating that success into positive change for children is a true testament to the heart of a champion. This exactly describes the journey of Andrea Jaeger, the driving force behind the magnificent organization known as Little Star Foundation.


Continuing a legacy of love and compassion, Little Star Foundation has proven for 39 years that resilient spirits can turn adversity into a cause that uplifts and lends strength to many. Established in heart by a back then 15-year-old tennis prodigy Andrea Jaeger, the foundation was born later, out of realizing that children battling cancer or trauma need more than just temporary relief. Despite their illness, they deserve a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and growth.


Little Star Foundation's programs have had a profound impact on the lives of children battling cancer and those in dire circumstances. By providing long-term care and focusing on improving their quality of life, the foundation has not only offered financial assistance and medical support but also education, therapeutic play, and outreach care programs. The results have been remarkable, with Little Star participants enhancing their motor skills, enriching their self-esteem, and leading engaging, purposeful lives despite their diagnosis.


Andrea Jaeger catapulted to world fame as the second-ranked professional tennis player at 16. She channeled her earnings, amounting to millions of dollars, into helping others, a noble act transcending selflessness's boundaries. For 39 years, Andrea has committed herself to bringing long-term care and a better life quality to children and families across the U.S. and the globe, enduring disease, disaster, poverty, and other profound adversities.


As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Little Star Foundation is committed to transparency and accountability. It allocates an average of 92% of its funds for its programs, ensuring that your donations directly benefit the children in need. The remaining 8% is used for Administration and Fundraising, a testament to the foundation's prudence and responsible financial management. The foundation's outstanding program and service have been recognized with several national and international awards, underlining its commitment to its mission.


Little Star Foundation's noble mission is powered by the benevolence of donors like you, the trained skills of a passionate program team and the dedication of all the Team Members and Ambassadors of Little Star Foundation. Their efforts help make this world a safer, happier, brighter, and better place for children, and you are invited to be part of this great charity cause. Your generous contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of these children. Join Little Star Foundation today and donate your hearts desire to this worthy cause.


Andrea Jaeger's Little Star Foundation is a shining beacon of hope that continues to brighten the lives of countless children battling life-threatening illnesses and life altering conditions. Her dedication and sacrifice remind us all about the power of resilience, the beauty of service, and the joy of giving back.


For more information about Little Star Foundation, we invite you to visit and check out the "Announcements” Section, the “Programs” Page and inspiring and educational workbook and Wall Calendar by Andrea Jaeger and Art Therapy Program Coordinator, Adriana Solarova.

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