About Little Star

Little Star Foundation started because life showed a 15-year-old tennis phenom, Andrea Jaeger, that children facing cancer or trauma endure their struggles for more than one day. For over 35 years, Little Star Foundation has provided long term care and a better quality of life for children with cancer and children in need, their families and communities, through financial assistance, education, medical support, therapeutic play and outreach care programs.

Little Star participants find fuller lives, increase their motor skills and self-esteem and lead more engaging, purposeful and enjoyable lives, regardless of their diagnosis.

Andrea Jaeger became the #2 ranked professional tennis player in the world at the age of 16. She gave all her pro tennis earnings, (millions of dollars), to help others. For over 35 years Andrea Jaeger has devoted her life to bringing long term care and a better quality of life to children, families and communities in the United States and world facing disease, disaster, poverty and other devastating hardships. 

Little Star Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID # 86-0947944. The average percentage of funds allocated for Programs: 92%; Administration/Fundraising: 8%. Little Star Foundation has received numerous national and international awards for its outstanding programs and service with the 3 decades leadership of President, Andrea Jaeger and Vice-President, Heidi Bookout. 


Little Star Foundation’s continued success is made possible by the generosity of donors, the talents of Adriana Solarova and all the Team Members and Ambassadors of Little Star and the prevailing notion that we at Little Star Foundation choose to make this world a brighter, better, safer and happier place for children. Together we can make an important difference. Donate today. 


Learn more about Little Star Foundation by going to our "Programs Page" and "Today is the Day" Agenda Books by Adriana Solarova. 

Founded by pro tennis player Andrea Jaeger. Andrea gave all her pro tennis earnings to help children with cancer and children in need. Little Star Foundation will celebrate its 36th year in 2021. Donate to make a difference! www.littlestar.org

Little Star Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

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