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Projects with Little Star Foundation including Little Star Light Podcast & "Your Example" News!

Named after Cindy Crawford’s brother, Jeff, who died of cancer as a little boy. The Jeff Crawford Educational Scholarships provide further educational opportunities for children with cancer accepted to Accredited Collegiate Studies.

Life Threatening Diseases & Life Altering Conditions can take a child’s life, physical & emotional health and more. The financial toll & stress on families can be devastating. Little Star rises to the challenge! Little Star’s Award Winning Sports, Arts & Equine Therapy Programs are life changing & provided free of charge to families. 

The suffering & trauma from life threatening diseases, natural disasters & life altering conditions can turn a family’s life upside down never to recover. Little Star works with the hospital, medical & emergency responder teams to provide critical support.

Little Star provides financial support to lessen the financial stress & burdens life threatening diseases & life altering conditions bring on a daily basis. Emergency, Basic Living, Life Enhancing & Life Saving expenses included.

Jessica Springsteen & AJ Longines Global Champions Tour Miami VIP Entry 1A copy 2
March 2016 Miami Special Needs Program 1 Family Retreat copy
March 2016 Miami Special Needs Program 2
Jovan at Little Star Fdtn Orphanage Program copy
President Council for Children Pilot Program by Little Star Foundation official announcement
photo 5 (1)
page 46 make sure dolphins eye is in Cory Sheridan3
IMG_3028 copy
IMG_0756 (2)
Paul & AJ
Little Star Animal learning
Novak, Becker & Little Star copy 2
kids horse England programs IMG_0019
Little Star tennis for all IMG_0111 copy
Rafa, AJaeger & Little Star Fdtn kids SV copy
Possible A.Kentucky Program copy 3
Summer Colorado Children's Cancer Programs IMG_5078
Page 21 Kids Alicia 1 TPA H
Rafa Nadal & Little Star Special Projects Director Adriana Solarova
SV P Meghan K. P copy 2
possible 2015-01-22 15.02.17 copy 3
Little Star meeting dolphins
March 2016 Miami Kids Prison Adriana Set up Adriana 1
Little Star Junior 1.8
Tony Romo need to r
Tennis 5-1
Victory at Little Star Programs Wimbledon IMG_0464 copy
Untitled-8 copy
Spring Florida Children's Program 2 copy
SV P HB8 copy 2
SV P Wyda_Lauren_playing_snow copy 3
Time to play. Little Star Wimbledon Programs for blind and disabled children IMG_0104 2
Stanford University Launch. Jaeger copy
Spring 2014 Children's Cancer Program 0654
SV P Melinda and Pam copy 2
SV P AJ & play pals copy 3
Tony Romo Pro Bowl 2015 IMG_4387
working with boy afraid of dogs Halloween program IMG_2960 (2)
Working with Roger Federer tennis star and Ava-England child with brain injury at Wimbledon IMG_0167
Page 1.74 fun in the snow 1 copy 3.jpeg
Website Home 17 Ted 2 copy copy.jpg
summer at Rancho Milagro untitled.jpg
bubbles at RM 023.jpg
Kalen copy.jpg
Mayor Mike & AJ.jpg
New_York_K Trip8.jpg
77 copy.JPG
 8 Ai-Wen.jpg
Meghan K. P copy 5.jpg
New_York_K Trip_076.jpg
NYC P.jpg
TJ DSC_0126 copy.jpg
Rhea Graduating.jpg
Evander Holyfield & Jose during CO session.jpg
Holly, AJ & Holly's cow copy.JPG
Orphanage 188 .JPG
New_York_K Trip_013.jpg
Kim copy 2.jpg
Great Kids.jpg
New_York_K Trip 061.jpg
Melinda and Pam copy.jpg
Sandy Hook 2nd visit  19.JPG
Sandy Hook first morning after 1.JPG
Newborn Pirate .jpg
Sandy Hook 2nd visit H 15.jpg
Nasa Presentation.JPG
5 Grant.jpg
Helping NY kids Halloween.JPG
kids 1st night at Hard Rock copy.jpg
McEnroe & AJ Program.jpg
Sandy Hook 2nd visit 12.jpg
Maja, Katie, AJ.jpg
Rhea at Graduation.JPG
Siray and AJ in NYC.JPG
21 copy.JPG
Sandy Hook FMA3.JPG
Calif session.JPG
Amazing Staten Island New Friends after Hurricane Sandy.JPG
Sandy Hook FMA 17 candle.jpg
Staten ISalnd Hurricane Sandy Helpers.JPG
Rhea at Graduation_3767.jpg
Playing during CO session.jpg
NYC Session 2013 2.JPG
Wyda & Andy copy 2.JPG
Jessica E. & Dr. Tim.JPG
Samantha_Cindy_Family copy 2.jpg
Mariah, Sonia, H.jpeg
Helping in NYC.JPG
New_York_K Trip_035.jpg
Alice first meeting NYC session.jpg
Dave_group copy.jpg
Tony Hawk with Jsessica E during San Diego Session.JPG
Paul & AJ .jpeg
LA Hospital 12.JPG
AJ in Africa in the 1970's sv.jpg
Andrea and Shaun.jpg
Breanna & AJ.jpg
Untitled-3 copy.jpg
Rio's heading to bring cheer.JPG
ACS Girls.jpg
New_York_K Trip_04.jpg
Sandy Hook 2nd visit H 8.jpg
Page 118 Group Reunion 88.jpg
Sandy Hook FMA5.jpg
Paul having fun in CO.jpg

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